Our team


Laszlo M. Szabo

President & Senior Instructor

Laszlo has worked in the  communications industry, on both sides of the microphone, for over thirty years. He studied Journalism and Communications at Laval University in Québec City, before joining the CBC as a public affairs reporter in 1975. He also worked as a reporter with the Canadian Press news agency in Montreal.

Laszlo moved to Ottawa in 1980 where he worked as press attaché and communications advisor to two federal Cabinet Ministers.

He later held several management positions with the Canada Post Corporation, including senior spokesperson and divisional manager of Corporate Communications.

In 1995, Laszlo launched Immedia Communications, a communications consulting firm specializing in media and presentation skills training as well as strategic communications planning and the Internet.

Laszlo also delivers keynote presentations at various national and international events.


Lucia Harper

Senior Instructor

Born in Vancouver, raised in Halifax, Lucia Harper currently resides in Ottawa.

Lucia is a Professional Activational Speaker and Communications Strategist specializing in communications planning, media relations, social and strategic networking, public relations and grassroots campaigns. For 25 years she has encouraged industry leaders to adopt a Corporate Social Responsibility position to increase their Return on Investment.

Lucia was an instructor at Algonquin College in the 1990’s.  She now coaches individual professionals on Individual Professional Branding, Spokesperson training, Strategic Networking, Corporate Social

Responsibility, Social Media Policy and Guidelines, and Social Media Content Strategies in today’s ever evolving marketplace.

She has worked for government, private industry, charitable organizations, entrepreneurial organizations, and high tech. Lucia has created and implemented many community based projects including disaster relief for Hurricane Katrina in San Antonio Texas garnering US national support.  Lucia was most recently quoted on WIRED.COM for her support of consistent Usability for Government websites in Canada.