This two-day workshop is intended to meet the needs of communications officers and managers who deal regularly with reporters and have responsibilities in preparing communications products such as communications plans, media advisories and news releases and occasionally have to give interviews to the media. The workshop is designed to provide participants with a basic knowledge of the media and to increase their comfort level during interviews, through a combination of formal presentation and practical exercises. The workshops are available in English and French.

Practice constitutes the key element of the workshop. Each participant is interviewed four times on camera over issues within his/her areas of responsibility. The interviews are then reviewed with comments by the instructor identifying strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve performance.

The workshop covers familiarizing participants to the needs of the media, developing and articulating powerful messages, identifying and using “trap” questions and nurturing a professional relationship with journalists. This portion of the workshop is presented using computer-animated slides and relevant audio-visual material.

A manual summarizing the workshop content and featuring checklists and templates is provided to each participant.

The workshop covers the following areas:

• Understanding the media and their needs
• Negotiating with reporters
• Preparing for interviews
• Structuring information and developing key messages
• Delivering “sound bites”
• Taking advantage of “trap” questions
• The art of “bridging”
• Basic components of Communications plans
• Preparing powerful news releases and media advisories
• Organizing and conducting news conferences
• Maximizing media opportunities
• Working proactively with the media

Class size

In order to provide optimal personalized coaching, each workshop is limited to six participants. For larger groups, two instructors lead the workshops.

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