Public Speaking and Presentations

Our half or one-day workshop provides the fundamentals of crafting and delivering speeches and presentations.  This workshop will increase participants’ comfort level through a combination of formal presentation and practical exercises.

This hands-on workshop is intended for people with little or no public speaking experience who occasionally have to make public presentations and/or speeches.

It is designed to provide participants with a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of structuring presentations and to increase their comfort level during delivery through a combination of formal presentation and practical exercises.

Participants in the workshop will learn how to:

• Define their presentation’s objectives
• Design a memorable close
• Create an interesting opening
• Structure the content
• Add spice to their presentation
• Design powerful visual aids
• Tailor their presentation to their audience
• Create “cheat sheets”
• Maximize the power of body language
• Handling the “butterflies”

Participants have an opportunity to prepare and deliver two short presentations on a topic relevant to their responsibilities. The videotaped presentations are then reviewed with critiques and tips for improvement.

Participants will also receive a practical document outlining the main points covered during the workshop.