Emergency Public Information

This custom two-day workshop is intended to meet the needs of elected officials, municipal managers, first responders and experts who occasionally have to give interviews to the media during an Emergency.

The workshop is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the media and to increase their comfort level during interviews, through a combination of formal presentation and practical exercises.

The workshop covers the following areas:

• Basic understanding of Emergency
Communications Planning
• Overview of the media and their needs
• Negotiating with reporters
• Preparing for interviews
• Structuring information
• Delivering “sound bites”
• The art of “bridging”
• Taking advantage of “trap” questions
• Conducting media “scrums”
• Organizing, conducting and moderating
news conferences
• Working proactively with the media

A realistic Emergency situation is used as the scenario for the different exercises.

A manual summarizing the workshop content is provided to each participant.